Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Humbling Lesson

The last few days I have been listening to Abraham-Hicks talks and reading a book by Wayne W. Dyer called the Power of Intention. I have been very moved to develop more of my sense of intention and try to understand more how the law of attraction can work in my life. For my daughter's birthday the other day, we gave her cards from Abraham-Hicks that will encourage her to develop more of the power of intention in her life from a young age. Each card has a sentence and a beautiful drawing on the front, and elaborates on the sentence on the back of the card.
One of the cards I picked today was 'I cannot create in the Experience of Another'. To me, in the moment of picking it, it meant that I was not able to change the mind of another person. This was very valuable to me... as I was about go out for a walk and my girls were very resistant to join me. So, I decided to leave them with their older siblings, and take the opportunity to walk through the forest in the sunshine on my own.
It was a glorious day. The forest was so stunning. Lots of green, golds and browns. In Southern Vancouver Island where I live, it gets more green in the fall and winter than the summer. I found more nettle and greens and was feeling in awe of the beauty of the trees and very connected to all the forest. I felt truly blessed.
As I emerged from the forest I turned to go to the orchard where we picked blackberries and apples in the early fall. Behind the apple orchard was a huge ancient Garry Oak Tree, perhaps two hundred years old, maybe even three hundred. When we were there in the early fall, we were wondering if the owner of the property would give us permission to put a treehouse in the tree, as it was just the perfect tree for it. I thought it would be peaceful and relaxing to sit under the tree and meditate for a while.
I was stunned when I got to the entrance to the field and gasped in disbelief as I discovered that the tree was now only a stump. As I slowly walked towards it, I had a recollection of the woman who lives next to the property saying that the city had come and said the tree was to be taken down. I don't remember the reason why. It seemed like a completely healthy tree. When we expressed our surprise, she said she would post notices around the neighbourhood, telling us what was happening, and get the community to support keeping this magnificent tree.I never did see a notice.
I sat on the stump and cried and cried. I felt I had let the tree down. I did not do what it took to stop the city from taking this spectacular tree from the community. A tree, that I may add is a protected species in British Columbia. These trees only grow in our climate. They are found nowhere else in the world.
I recalled the teachings I heard the other day from Abraham, of not to let the sadness hold onto me. So I tried to see joy. And what I could do. I took what pieces that were left behind by the chainsaws, and brought them home. I was happy that I was able to move from a place of sadness and grief to empowerment and joy. Being grateful for knowing how the tree was in the fall, the majesty and beauty. I am going to make necklaces out of them. It will be a reminder to people that what we have is so precious, and we need to protect our trees.

I made a smoothie with all the nettles that I picked today. I added Blackberries that I picked in the fall and local organic apples. Add a bit of spirulina, some water and blended it all up. Yummy!!! I took some time out before drinking it to shoot some pictures first. Here is one of them.

I had a very strange experience about an hour or so later though. It was a reaction to the nettles. My throat swelled and I was uncomfortable for about 1 1/2 hours. My breathing was fine, but I felt a swelling on the side of my neck more than in my throat. I had a similar reaction when I had spinach in my smoothies many days in a row. That is why it is good to mix up the greens, and rotate them. Lesson well learned. I hope that my lesson in having a reaction to the greens will encourage you to rotate your greens too.

I am so excited about the great things that have been happening in my life, and all the projects that are on the go. I will write more about them soon!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Peace and light


Tera said...

Have you ever read the Anastasia Series? You would love it!

EJ Shames said...

You know... I have been thinking of that Series often lately... Funny you should mention it!!

I have not read them, but heard about them last year. I think I will try to find a copy of the first book, perhaps I can borrow one from somebody who has one!