Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Memories of Bubby Mollie's Kitchen


Yesterday my youngest and I started on an adventure running some errands.
On the way.. we discovered a bunch of treasures on a lawn, and a sign that read
'FREE and YES it all Works'
I went to scour the treasures on my own, as the young'un was very focused on cutting grass into tiny piece in a bowl for her teddy bear's birthday!
I saw it right away.. the white and black art deco style mixer.
The Sunbeam mixmaster.
The same one my grandmother used. It brought back memories of her cinnamon cresent cookies that were always waiting for us in her oven whenever we visited. The oven had been turned off hours before, and was cool.. but the cookies inside! WOW.
It also brought back the memories of her beating eggwhites for such a long time we thought the sound of the motor would never end. And each year, before Passover, she got the motor tuned up..so the eggwhites would be just the right consistency. They had to be right to keep those cakes high without any other leavening agent!
Funny how I hesitated when I first saw it. Wondering whether or not to take it home. But my little one.. she was just as smitten as I was.. she did not even know I had seen it!
Let's take this!!! she said so excitedly!!
So I did!!
It even came with two sets of beaters and an large opaque glass bowl!
When I got home with it, my oldest said..
'betcha your grandma's did not come with a plastic bowl though'.
Was SHE ever surprised when I told her it was Glass!
Even more memories flashed by as I plugged it in and started it up!
The smell of oil from the motor and the sounds of the motor running and I was right back in her kitchen.
For now, the most I have done is taken photos of it!
But tomorrow is another day.. and I think that there will be some magic happening in the kitchen!

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