Friday, June 5, 2009

A conclusive decision

I love making desserts. I love taking pictures of the desserts I make. I love making raw chocolate and all things that have raw chocolate in them.

I have decided that THESE are the things, which I LOVE that I am going to put more of my energy into,, since it is so much Fun!

Today, Dani and I made some awesome Raw Chocolate and used very pretty molds to make it looks so special.

Soooo.. there will be MORE desserts posted, MORE chocolate pics, and even some recipes.
I am writing a raw cookbook now, and these photos will be in it,, and recipes for them too.

Yesterday Dani made an amazing Chocolate Cake with Banana Chocolate Ice Cream in the middle.

She went out to take some pics, and when she was just finishing, I came out to take some too.
I could have sworn she said..'I'll be right back, I am just going to download these pictures'. So.. I took a few shots, then got distracted by the amazing holes in the cherry leaves above my head, and waited... and waited.. and waited for Dani to come back!

When I turned to take more pictures of the cake, it seemed the top middle was sitting lower than I had remembered. So I took MORE pictures, as this was pretty cool.

I finally brought the cake inside and saw Dani at the computer, downloading her pics. I asked why she did not come back.. she said she had told me that she was done. She also said, since the cake was filled with ice cream, she was not too surprised it was sinking in the middle!

Good thing we were close to the kitchen, and able to get the knife out and see the inside. MMMMMMM.... One peice, that was all I said she could have ( even though it was HER cake!), and I need more pics! Here is one of the inside.. ooozing out. YUMMY!!

After taking a few more shots as the sun went down, the cake went back into the freezer for another few hours. Once frozen all the way through.. it was incredible! Another coup for Dani and her amazing dessert making abilities! Glad I have her on MY team!!

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