Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dads Cake

The other day was Father's day. When I asked what my daughter wanted to do for her dad, she said 'Make a cake'. Sooooo we made a cake! A great new recipe that will go into the new cookbook we are working on right now.

We usually try to find what we have in the house, this makes the process go much faster. So... this day we had Mangoes, and started from there.

Willow wanted a marble swirly cheezecake.
So we came up with Mango Chocolate Swirl Cheezecake.
The crust was chocolate too... as she knows how much her dad loves chocolate!

We placed some beautiful feverfew flowers that were growing in the garden on top, added some yellow rose petals and headed out. We needed an umbrella to keep the cake dry, as it started to drizzle on the way over to his house.
As we walked through the path, we found the wind had blown some sweet Garry Oak branches with tiny acorns on them onto the grass. We picked those up to use as decorations too. You can see them in the picture.

Garry Oaks are an endangered species. They only grow in the Southern Gulf Islands and Southern Vancouver Island , they are a protected tree here. In Washington State, they have a different name for the tree, and they are not protected there, but they are just as endangered.

You can see he was a happy daddy that day! While we were making the cake here, he managed to go to the playground with the littlest one, and even drew a very colourful butterfly on her face! Stunning!
They are indeed lucky to have such a great dad!

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