Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 Easy Budget ways to Eat Raw!

I Just posted this to Raw Fu today, responding to Wendysmiling question... Raw on A Tight Budget.
Thought it would be GREAT idea to have it on my blog too!!! ( seeing as I have not figured out entirely how to link things yet.)
You can find the forum at this link, Raw Fu Forum .

Here are some things that I do that bring me joy as well as lots of yummy things to eat. AND then I just feel ABUNDANT when thinking about food!

  1. I LOVE to forage and Find lot of delicious things like: berries, apples, cherries, miner's lettuce, dandelions, other greens and other kinds of fruits. I make fabulous smoothies with these! ( It helped to have a book on edible wild plants when I started out)
  2. I grow sprouts on my window
  3. Find the foods in season, usually very reasonable pricing .
  4. I grow some food on my own outside. That is fun, but I don't really grow enough to feed my family by what I grow.
  5. I shop the 'sales' and find what is on sale at variety of places. I get the sales from grocery stores sent to my inbox that helps with knowing what is on sale, without having to do a lot of running around.
  6. There are many grocery stores and a fresh grocer that sell many items that are locally grown! How great is that!
  7. There are also community gardens, but they are too far away to walk to get to.. so I don't get to those. But if you have a community garden close by, great to participate in!
  8. Those are some ideas I have used for my family. My kids eat some cooked food , so there are things that I buy that are in bigger quantities. Like rice, beans, etc.
  9. We also had the grocery stores in our area without any 'reduce rack' produce, for a few years! I kept asking for it, and one day, in one of there stores.. it popped up!
  10. I have also made friends with many of the produce people in the grocery stores,, just because I am there so much. So, when I see things that are really ripe, and think they will not last to the next day I ask the produce manager ( or staff person) if I could have it at a reduced rate. Sometimes it they say yes. sometimes they say no. But when they say yes, I get it for half price or more!

Hope that helps!

Peace and light