Monday, November 24, 2008

Making Cookbooks....and other goals!

My little 5 year old daughter and I are on a similar path... we are both making our own cookbooks. Hers is awesome. She has stapled a few pages together and is making recipes out and getting us to print them for her on the pages.  Yesterday she made a new recipe and named it 'Magnificent Food of the world!'  How can I beat that ????
It is amazing to me how she has such an innate talent for making food. She knows just the right things to put together to make something taste great. Rarely is the times she has put ingredients together that do not match up. I am so impressed. I learn so much from her about so many things! 
I have taken photos of her making food, and the food she has made. It is all raw, and mostly desserts. It will be so much fun to have it out in the public and show that when it come to creating food, it is an ageless activity. You do not have to be a teenager, adult , middle age or senior to create beautiful food. You can be 3, 4 or 5 even!! My little one started creating at 3. I only feel sad I did not write down what she did then.  But I do have a lot from being 4 and 5. 

My cookbook is equally fun to do!  I love creating, and eating the creations I make. I have such a blast in taking the photos for them, and now playing with them to edit them.. I am sooo lucky! To do what you love is so great!!!
 I was sooo excited about all the great projects I have been working on that I stayed up to 6 am doing some of them last night. ( or this morning) Having so much enthusiasm to create something you love is the best thing ever. I have more projects that I have thought about the last day or so that I have wanted to work on in the last few years, but put them on hold. Today, I started to think more about those too....
I thought I would share with you what they were.. so that I can 'get it out there'.

Ok.. here it goes!!!
  1. Make a raw food cookbook
  2. Make raw chocolate for sale , to anyone who wants it. Get it on a website, in stores, in markets.  I have made some already and people have loved it so much! 
  3. Make a regular newsletter.
  4. Make a raw bakery that sells desserts in my city, and maybe even sell them online. I am not sure about that yet. A raw bakery is something I would LOVE to do.. I love Love LOVE making desserts. So maybe a raw Cakery is more like it!! 
  5. I have started to design a new website for Inspired Joy Photography. High Vibration photography that uplifts your vibration. Keep these inspiring photographs in your home, wallet, car, pocket, somewhere close to where you can see them always so that you feel joy and love and peace in your life! I am SO very excited about this! Photography is part of my life is such an intimate way, sharing these photos is in this way is as much a gift to me as I put them forth in the intention of which they were made. With love and connection to spirit.  I was inspired by Wayne Dyer on this recently, in his book the power of Intention. A MUST read!!!
  6. Creating an online gallery where people can order the photos and have them printed, matted, framed and delivered all at the same place! It is such a great site!!! 
  7. I need to find a Canadian Equivalent of this site, so the customers in Canada won't have to go cross border shipping. 
  8. Teaching more classes and getting people to know they are available. So many people want to learn more about how to prepare food. Whole foods Vegan and Raw Vegan. There has been a process for me on this.. that there are people who want to learn how to make raw food, and vegan food. There are very few people that want to be 100% raw, but there are so many who want to learn how to introduce more raw foods into their life. So having the option, and teaching both gives people choices. 
  9. Creating a community with people of all ages to come together to create art, food, and do something to help the community out. 
  10. I have been dreaming of this for years and years. Within the last two weeks it is starting to take a bit more shape as more people want to become involved. I am so excited about this project too.. as it brings vulnerable members of our communities together to create stronger ties to each other and the bigger picture. Youth and Seniors are often left 'out' . Not feeling like they can make much of a difference, it is important to have everyone who wants to create to be involved. From community gardens, to markets, to learning and teaching, art and helping each other out in small and large ways. I think this is going to be so MAGICAL!!!! And so much darn fun too!!
  11.  Having edible herb and wild green walks in the area and in the forest closeby. I live by a mountain and near the ocean. I know about wild greens, and love to share. However I think there is more to learn and today I asked a very learned friend in herbs and wild food if she would want to participate in the walks with me, and she said YES!!!
  12. Creating loving, musical, artistic community that meets regularly to enjoy company, food and do what they love to do best! This is beginning to unfold too.. as I connect more with musicians and artists all over my city. It is so beautiful. I want it to happen faster, but I think it is happening just at the rate it is supposed to. ( though I am still impatient!!)
  13.  The last birth I had was so incredible and so very different than most women have ever experienced or many women could even DREAM to happen, that I felt a true calling to share that such a birth was and IS possible. We often hear and see depicted in media of painful childbirth. It does not have to be that way. ( and I don't mean by drugs!! LOL) . I am not sure how I am going to get this info out there, but I know it will show up somehow.
I have 82 things on my list of things I would like to do... and these above, hmm.. 13 of them that I stopped at, what a great number! These are just ones that are strong and manifesting right now. There are more coming up.. I can feel it! 

I would love to hear how you are manifesting  your dreams, and wishes. What you want to happen in YOUR life. And how it is coming along... I feel so thrilled to see how this all comes to be. 

OH.. there is a HUGE one that I would love to see manifest sooner rather than later. A beautiful home for my kids and I to live in that is affordable, in our geographical area, and is all the things we dreamed of.  I have 4 kids.. this has made affordable housing something I still am looking to manifest. I know it is out there.. I just wish it would turn up somehow .. soon!!! 

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derekja said...

hi! I'm just discovering your blog. I would love to go on some local wild edibles walks. I'm also potentially interested in cookless classes (or whatever it is that you call cooking classes where you don't cook!) I just got a dehydrator and a nice juicer and am trying to go more raw, but time and inspiration are often lacking. I'll keep watching your blog! Thanks.