Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Unbaking Thoughts

The last while I have been noticing the holiday splendor that surrounds us. In magazines, on the website, in the Grocery Stores. It seems they are EVERYWHERE.. Holiday cookies. 

So.. I have been pondering how to create a gingerbread people cookie in the raw form. I know that there are already some people who have created such things, but to me, one of the fun parts of creating food is making up the recipes! At least it is when I have a sense of how the end result is supposed to come out. 

So the next few days, I will be making some cookies and treats for the holidays... and seeing how the dehydrator helps with making the cookies crunchy.

I made a warming smoothy today as it was so blistery cold out. I added ginger to the smoothy, with blackberries and bee pollen , celery and some spirulina. Oh, and some oranges we had, the last of the fresh fruit until I went out this evening! 

It was soo icy outside I was glad to have the company of loving friends and family around me!

1 comment:

Rawsome Chef said...

You are a wonderful photographer!

I really love your most recent rawsome concoction., sinfully set to rawsomely rest upon the window sill. Xmas lights to set the yummy tone. Appetites to awaken ...


Can't wait to meet you, sister rawk'n soul-mate!

Your page is as lovely as your happy heart is ever-generous and magical!

Rawsome Regards,