Thursday, December 18, 2008

I did not even get OUT of the house today! It has been way too icy on the roads. Soooo instead of lamenting about not getting out for a walk, I got busy inside!

I did try out those gingerbread boys and girls. And were they fun. Made two trays, and they are in the dehydrator now, along with two trays of different spiced almonds. These are for the Market we are having on the weekend. They are going to be awesome!

The kids had a great time decorating the little people and the stars. So did I! My daughter said.. mom.. we are SO creative. I would LOVE to be a raw pastry chef.. what fun! Maybe that is what I will do! You can see how well they were decorated. My littlest one LOVED to decorate, and piled up all the 'accessories' she could on this one! ( and more, but I will show the finished ones tomorrow when they are dry.)

The colours she chose to put on were so vibrant.
The choices to decorate were...
Goji berries
Grated Orange Peel
Hemp Seed
Sunflower Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Coconut, shredded
It was enough choice. And there were some amazing results. We did not decorate all of them, thinking that we could use some thick whipped cream to pipe around them and then keep them in the fridge. I will need to add something to keep the whipped cream ( cashew creme) thick enough. Maybe I will try Psyllium husk.

My littlest one, above is about to lose her first tooth! She is so excited. You can see in the picture that it is very wiggley. I wonder if I should make some more gingerboys and girls and leave them soft for her ?
They were yummy soft too.. but I wanted them to have a crunch and be more 'authentic'.
Raw baking is The BEST!!!
I will post the recipe tomorrow.

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Katherine Marion said...

Oh, you naughty night-owl, posting your past 2:00 am blog. Do we single Mommies, on a Rawsome mission, have plenty in consciousness-raising common, or what!

Your wee and toothless one is soooo cute, hovering over the Gentle Gingerbread Man, just waiting to bite his delicious head off.

Your photo's are truly lovely as in the rawk'n reality you are co-creating.

Bless you and all the hot n' spicy ginger, warmth, wit and wonder you put into your un-baking, beautiful lifestyle, and Gingerbread Men.

My son will be a better unschooler when he meets the loving likes of You and Yours.

Bless you for being 'out there' and making such a divine and delicious difference!!!!

Xmas Blessings and Bliss,

Katherine and Kaelin