Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gadgets and Noodles

I posted about the great olive oil I had , and the noodles they were on.. but... I did not tell you the SECRET in how I made them!
Most people think that you need to buy an expensive gadget, like a spirooli ( around $ 50.00) or a spiralizer ( I paid $25.00 for mine a couple of years ago) to do this task. However, I found this great gadget that makes long strips from veggies and looks like a regular potato peeler. The label says it Juliennes veggies. Hmm.. it has long scary looking 'teeth' on it, but was a bright and happy yellow colour, and at a price of $2.99 brand new. So I thought I would give it a go. I have always had a hard time with the Spiralizer. I think other people must be waaay more coordinated that I am with it, as I spend so much time trying to get my veggies straight and fussing with it that it hardly seems worth the effort. This was SOOO easy to use. It took a mere second to figure out how to pull down from the top of the zucchini to the bottom to give me perfect strips of 'noodles'.
As I poured the olive oil and sprinkled salt on the noodles, my youngest was grated some cocoa butter for some incredible brazil nut ganache I was making. She was very interest in this new toy, but the sharp teeth had me concerned that a 5 year old may need to hold off for a while before using this new gadget!
She did ask for a taste of them, and as I heard the words.. ' wow.. this is weird.. but I LIKE them! Can I have some more ?'
She LOVED them with just the salt and olive oil. Ate an entired zuke. Incredible.From a girl who does not even like zucchini's at all! WOW.
Later on, I put some Creamy Brazil Nut Cheeze Sauce on them. I thought it was sooo creamy and delicious! I thinned out some sauce that I had made the night before, and poured it on. It looks just like real cheezy sauce. A great treat to have! I have more sauce in the fridge. It would be fabulous poured on some veggies too. Maybe some marinated Asparagus, as it is in season right now. OOHHH.. tomorrow a trip to the farm stand!

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