Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finding Bliss and Fish on a walk

Today there seemed to be many people who were needing my attention. It was a day of giving. By the 'golden hour time' I was noticing a great need for a walk to get my body, mind, and spirit back into balance.

It was so lovely outside ! The sun wash shining, and low in the sky , so everything was awash in a golden light . Hence the term Golden Hour. As an artist, this is my favourite time of day. Everything looks so magical at this time, even things that are not beautiful most any other time of day in harsher lighting, like industrial equipment or broken bits of things lying around.
I started playing a fun game as I go for walks on my own now. It is version of a game the kids and I play when we feel like going on an adventure. As I walk, I ask 'should I go this way ?' and I get a sense of whether it is a 'yes' or 'no' . If it is 'no' then I ask again, and see what happens, until I get to a 'yes'. It is so fun and I learn by this game to gain more trust in my intuition, which
serves me so well in my life! !
Today, this game took me to an abandoned lot that was 'opened up' a couple of years ago for building 3 houses. Two of the houses were built, and there is one piece left that was just left as soil and many bits of broken pots from the landscaping on the adjacent properties. It has turned into a field of dreams for myself and all the diverse wildlife! So many different flowers, grasses, herbs, wild plants and insects are in this small area. Each time I go there
, there are new flowers blooming, and the grass grows another 3 or 4 inches

As I frolicked in the grasses, prickly bushes and blackberries new growth I recognized some plants and could name them, but there are many I don't have names for. Next time I will bring my field guide with me, and match up the pictures in the book to the plants that I find. The bees don't need names for the plants though, as you can see in the picture! There were many bees gathering pollen from this beauty of a plant! ( This is one I don't know the name of yet)

As I continued my walk, I passed by the local Elementary School. They have all the hand painted fish on the fence . Each fish was painted by the students of the school, and it looked incredible tonight, with all the colours vibrant and stunning!

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