Friday, May 22, 2009

Making Marina Sauce!

I had so much silliness in the kitchen the other night. There was a house full of people, and a kitchen just brimming with possibilities!

Since making those scrumptious zucchini noodles the other day, I have been on a roll with them. Wanting to see how other sauces would work, I made some Sun Dried Tomato Marinara Sauce and some Cashew Cheeze to go with it.

My dear friend who was here as I was putting it all together, was the official 'tester'. When she tried the cheeze she said ' wow '! That is just like REAL cheese! Just like my mom used to make when we were in Africa!' That was so great to hear! REAL cheese flavour , how great! My friend said that her mom used to boil milk and add just some lemon juice to it, and them let it soak in some salt water. The result was a cheese curd. A mild fresh type cheese, not an aged one at all. This had all the same ingredients, except soaked cashews for the milk, and is mild and creamy.

I made some Sun dried tomato marinara sauce with some fresh basil and oregano. It turned out great!

Put the whole thing ontop of the softened zucchini noodles ( with olive oil and salt of course!) and it was soo special. As more people kept coming into the kitchen, I kept giving out samples... and the consensus was so overwhelmingly positive ! Even from one youth who didn't even usually LIKE veggies at all. ( wow!). A success.. all around.

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