Friday, May 22, 2009

Brazil Ganache Swirled Vanilla Ice Cream

Making Lemons out of Lemonade.. well.. more like making Brazil Ganache Swirled Vanilla Ice Cream instead of Brazil Ganache Truffles!

I was really excited to try this fantastic recipe from the Cafe Gratitude dessert book called Sweet Gratitude. I even followed the directions to a 'T'. Which is unusual for me, as I usually take recipes as a 'jumping off point'. But.. alas.. I waited and waited for it to harden in the fridge, it stayed soft. I put it in the freezer, and that firmed it up nicely! Though making into balls for the truffles was not successful as when it touched my hands it melted into a puddle.

After many attempts, and lots of oozing chocolate truffles.. a new direction was needed. Dani was so great at trying so many things to make it work! We talked about all the other ways we could use this fabulous Ganache.. as it IS fab. just very liquidy. On Cakes, in Ice Cream, ON Ice Cream, as it is , but frozen. We put it away for the night, and the next day she made some Banana Vanilla Ice Cream..We mixed in some of the Ganache and VOILA!

Sometimes I consider it a miracle that we even GET photos of food. As there are always so many people clamouring to eat it right then! Lucky for me, I managed to have a vivid reminder of this one. So I can make it again.. and again !

After shivering and shaking from the frostiness of the ice cream, we decided to make another Batch! This was awesome too,, and SO easy..well the Ice Cream part is a snap, the ganache takes many steps and more time and patience.

Here is the Recipe for the Ice Cream. The Ganache is more complicated to make and write down,so... I will put that down tomorrow! Enjoy this vanilla ice cream today!
Banana Vanilla Ice Cream

2 Frozen Bananas
1 Tbsp Liquid Vanilla*
( or you can use Vanilla extract or beans from the pod).

Cut the banana into 1-2 inch peices and place in Food Processor. Add Liquid Vanilla . Use the ' S' Blade on the food processor...Turn Food Processor on and let the mixture blend, scraping down when moving up sides and off blade.
You can choose to let it be more 'solid' and finish off the processing when firm. Or you can let it go on longer, until it is still cold, but creamy. This usually just takes a few minutes to do.

* Liquid Vanilla is made from taking the pods of the vanilla beans, after scraping them out, and placing them in water overnight. Put the water and the vanilla pods in the blender and blend until all the pod is broken down. Keep in fridge.

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