Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Local Cheery-ness

There are so many amazing things going on lately that I barely have time to think about them before a NEW one emerges!

Lots of incredible ideas, recipes, thoughts on new things to write about, questions to answer and experiences to share!

I wonder if any of you have any suggestions for a great place to put all this incredible creative energy that is flowing out of me!

I have thought of doing a 'ning' site, that gives so much opportunity for community, and sharing, and also to broadcast emails to shout out what is happening NOW.

I feel there is so much to share today.. I don't know where to start!

Well... in light of the fact that there is an event happening that is creating waves across the web, and in the Raw and Health community, and is so close to my heart, it figures that would be a good place to start.

The Raw Mom Summit ( ) started yesterday and is in full swing. There are speakers from all backgrounds who all have one thing in common, the health and wellbeing of our all. From Byron Katie, Bernie Seigel and Susan Weed to Victoria Boutenko, Shazzie and David Wolfe. It is a webinar or teleseminar that is totally FREE! You just click on the link and sign up. I am really looking forward to hearing Jean Liedloff of the famous Continuum Concept talk. It was the first book I read on Attatchment Parenting and has influenced my parenting all those many years ago.

Last night I heard Victoria Boutenko talk. As always she is honest, sincere and has the highest of integrity. She walks the talk! One of the things she wanted to impart to people, was that Green Smoothies are a fantastic and easy way to guide our bodies on a journey towards wellness. Eating more raw foods in our diet is great, and encouraging our children to eat more raw things is also great, but instead of focusing on the '100 per cent ' that so many people are intent on getting to, drink Green Smoothies as a way to incorporate all the goodness of greens and stop sweating the 100 per cent idealism.

She also encourages us as parents to make the green smoothies as delicious as possible for our kids to eat, sticking with her 60 % fruit and 40 % greens guidelines. It is much better to have a tasty green smoothie that kids will eat, rather than a greener smoothie that kids won't go near with a ten foot pole! It keeps them coming back for more. This is something I need to get back to, as my kids are balking at drinking the really really green drinks I have come up with lately!
Their dad makes the most amazing green smoothies they LOVE to drink. Maybe I could use some tips from him!

At the end of the talk, Victoria emphasized that we all need to be eating as much organic tree ripe fruit as we can, as opposed to commercial weeks-ago picked varieties.

I found this beautiful cherry tree in front of a house I walked by on the way to the library the other day!

Do you think they would let me come and pick Cherries with them ??

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Kristen's Raw said...

The Raw Mom Summit is amazing. And, I, too, am a big fan of Victoria's. I love green smoothies!