Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Banana Split

Last Thursday we had a class on making Raw Banana Splits at Planet Organic in Victoria BC.
The class was awesome!!

We had many people return from other days, and had some new people who came up to me and said..

 " EJ, we were told to come to these classes because they are SO good!! I Loved your class.. thank you !"

I must admit, I find it spectacular when people get so much good out of my classes, that they want to share them with others!  

Here are some pictures of the LIKENESS of the Banana Split we made! We were so busy teaching and showing that we forgot to take pictures.

The next day, I made this one at home.. we don't happen to have any banana split bowls. So I used what we had. A martini glass!

It was a super hot day here on the Island, and the ice cream started to melt pronto! 

This one is made with 
Strawberry Ice Cream
Fresh Raspberry Coulis
Chocolate Sauce
Chopped Walnuts 
A fresh Cherry

It was sooo good. I did not even finish the photo shoot of it before I started to eat up the chocolate coating, which got all crunchy and yummy!