Thursday, July 9, 2009

New and Exciting!

I have been working on so many new things for bringing to light to both my local community and the larger worldwide community!! I am SOOO excited to share them all.

To be fair, Dani and I have been both been working on them.

I hope to be able to launch the entire package together , but it may happen in a few pieces over a month or so.

We are revamping the nOsh in website to reflect all the changes that are happening from this end.

It is going to be so fantastic to have all the elements in place!!! You are going to benefit from all this time and energy we are putting into it.

It is just going to knock your socks off !!! ( I always wanted to say that.. !)

These new things we are doing will bring together all our talents! Dani has been brainstorming with me on the project and it just keeps getting better everyday.

I will keep you up to date on what is going to happen as the come together more.

but for now.. let me tell you one very exciting bit of news....

I am one of the newest team members of the Raw Moms !! It is so exciting!! The Raw Mom summit was so inspiring to me.. to know that there were so many people out there, wanting to hear about and share their lives in terms of what they chose for their lives from so many different angles. I was so impressed! I wanted to be able to contribute what wisdom I have gained as a mom to my 4 kids over the last 20 years too!

Here's the letter I got from Tera Today

Aren't YOU a firecracker?
Your sites are BEAUTIFUL!
Your pictures are AMAZING!!
LOVE that you're in Canada! We have big plans for a Canada Tour! ;-)

Would looooove to have you helping with Raw Mom or Raw Diva or whatever you're most inspired to do.
TOTALLY cool to have you on the team!!!


I am so excited!!

You can check out the Raw Mom blog Here and the Raw Divas site

I have so much to contribute to BOTH,, so that is what I think I will do !

Check them out.. they are awesome!!

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