Friday, August 14, 2009

Free Downloadable CUTE Grocery Lists

Cute is the best way to describe these great grocery list downloads I found while looking through a curbly post today ! 
They can be found at the Kodak download site here.
I love the dancing carrot. 
The bunny and the tortoise are great too.

We are trying to get a bit more organized in our space these days. We have mountains of chocolate molds, cookie cutters, cake pans and cupcake holders to find space and containers for. 

 No shortage of great container sites to breeze through on the web, but most are from the US and I  would like to find a local source. 

It is a good thing it is coming up to back to school time. This is the time of year that the stores start carrying more organizers for the house. So I will keep my eye out on the ads and see what great new products come out to help in organizing and let you know what I find. 

If you know of a great place in Victoria BC to find great organizing products, please comment and let me know !