Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What's new ??

Dani and I have been so busy getting things ready for all of you to see !!!

I finished writing the 5 day mini e-course. Wow! My first e-course, and I think you will really benefit from the simple, yet powerful principles in it.

Then, there is the Recipe Book!! Yup, you have been asking for months for a recipe book, and I have been working on it in so many ways. This week it is all the recipes went into the book ! Hurray! So it is one step closer to you.

The name of the new book changed a few time, the last two names were : 50 Simple Everyday Raw Recipes and by the end it turned into 55 Simple Everyday Raw Recipes because we kept coming up with ones we thought you would love, and use often. We did not want to leave those out.

Dani has been doing all the technical aspects of the business lately to bring these two new projects to you faster than I could ever do. SO grateful to have her be part of my life.

There are a few MORE new things !
Some little mousse cakes we made !

The name of Nosh In with Chef was so 'right' at the time when I chose it but now, there is SO much more to what I do, AND I have Dani working with me. So it has been changed ! We will launch the new name, website , book and 5 day mini e-course all very soon !

There are a couple of other very exciting things up our sleeves too ! Lots of nights awake spent on the computer, recipe developing, and creating new ways to offer a better way of living in so many ways to you.

Stay tuned for more info ! I wanted to keep you updated on all the excitement around here.