Monday, January 12, 2009

Doing the inside work....

It has been a long time since I posted. I have been living a very simple life recently, and thought that posting about it would not be as valuable as when I am in 'do it ' and a more energized mode. 

However, upon further introspection about that, I realized that if I am in low key mode, and it is winter, where hibernation abounds, then perhaps sharing about it would be good!

For the last year or two I have been working so hard on my businesses, putting forth tremendous amounts of mental, emotional and physical energy.  In the previous six months I had been upping the ante and really putting myself into it all the way! Lots of time on the computer, and doing so many things on the 'outside'.

I have been feeling a need to be doing some 'inside' work for the a while now.  It usually strikes when the cold weather comes and I can hunker down inside and be cosy and warm while it is blistery cold, snowy and freezing outside.  I moved to the West Coast a few years ago, and the hunker down time is very short here!  

In the winter, the trees and plants go into a dormant state. I find this a time where I can do the same.  Where I live now, the dormant state lasts for such a short time. It seems so short that there is not anytime to do the inside work that I need to do because the plants are still growing and being green.   Upon a closer look, this is not entirely accurate. The big trees do indeed slow down, and there are many plants that are dormant. 

In our hustle and bustle world, where working harder and faster, taking no breaks and getting 'stronger' on the outside seems to take precedence over any slower, inside work, it takes some effort to honour the desire and instinctual need to slow down. 

I am grateful for taking that time myself. For honouring my ability to flow with what is, instead of pushing on for what I think I need to do. 

I have been listening to inspirational speakers and watching amazing movies. Creating community with incredible people, playing music, reading and being gentle with life and myself. By taking the time to slow down, and know what I really want  and how I want my life to be..I have discovered so many simple joys . I have also discovered a passion that I may have chosen to overlook if I had not taken the time to nurture my dreams.  

My aspirations to start a raw patisserie in my town are starting to flourish! And as the dream grows, and I share with people my intention, their eyes light up and wonder where and how and when they can get some yummy cakes! This gives me even more inspiration to get the process flowing! All in the right timing though. 

My food choices are likewise simple.  I have been having green smoothies everyday, full of wonderful superfoods like Goji berries, bee pollen, spirulina, and at times hemp seeds.  
Mostly this is what I have been eating, with fruit and nori and avocadoes with lettuce all wrapped up.  You cannot get much simpler than this. 

I have made some incredible desserts and cakes lately for others. I think tonight I shall make one for our family.

The one cake I made for a birthday party stands out as somethings spectacular.  It was a Ginger Chocolate layer cake with Chocolate Icing. WOW. A wholesome Raw Cake full of amazing ingredients that tasted as good as it was for you... mmmm... 

I have some photos that I have yet to download from my camera of it.  It has chocolate rolls on top to decorate it.  I will post it next time. 


Loulou said...

Looking forward to seeing some photos of your cakes!!!

Tera said...

Thank you for sharing, I always look forward to reading your posts.

Have you seen the movie Chocolat? If you have not then I would definitely recommend that you do, it's a beautiful story!